About Us

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Since its incorporation in 1995, VII Capital Funds has cultivated into a Private Business Development Company. Encompassing certified general construction licensing, real estate brokering & escrow agency, with domestic mortgage banking/commercial lending & international financing. Currently, its primary focus is to provide alternative financing for domestic & international commercial (income producing real estate that is used solely for business purposes) non-conforming loan requests.

These alternative financing services include, but are not limited to, debt/equity financing, hard to place commercial loans, higher LTV, small balances, and hard money.

We utilize a wide variety of lending products, investors, partners and associates, offering multiple financial platforms comprised of private and institutional funds. VII and its partners have over two decades of business expertise. We have established a niche in the Global Commercial Lending Market. Presenting clientele with domestic partnership funds of $200,000,000, with another $800,000,000.00 internationally. This allows us to invest in opportunities worldwide.

At VII, we are focused on the business entity. We combine specialized commercial lending products offering flexibility and customization. This platform aids underachieving businesses with a proven financial solution for their success. We offer informative, intercontinental advice and strategies tailored to help grow a clients' operation. We work with the client to create a loan scenario based on their needs, budgets and repayment timelines. We take care of the details so the client can concentrate on their business development. We prosper when our clients succeed! This creates a long lasting partnership for ongoing growth and stability.

VII affects scenarios presented only through vetted brokers and intermediary networks (lawyers, bankers, etc.) under an "NCND" agreement. All projects submitted must fit our matrix, this is explained in further detail under our loan process. This allows us to focus on loan requests already prequalified. Keeping in mind, commercial real estate loans are most often made to business entities (e.g., corporations, developers, partnerships, funds and trusts). These entities are often formed for the specific purpose of owning commercial real estate. An entity will need to establish, if they haven't already, a financial track record or credit history. VII requires the principal and/or owners of the entity to substantiate financial stability to follow a due diligence process through to completion.