Industrial & Retail Loans

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Industrial/Retail commercial lending and international financing are a part of financial markets at VII.  For over 21 years, VII has found niche markets to expand upon in the Industrial, Retail and Commercial sectors. As a Private Development Company we specialize in the Commercial Financing.

Our Decades of Experience and Asset Managerial ability aid our commercial clients with higher LTV and longer time frames. Understanding the industry means better loan conditions and terms.

Working with multiple lending and other financial products over several platforms, VII brings an entrepreneurial partnership capable of performing large to small commercial development lending structures which allows our clients the time required to stabilize the project and realize their goals.

This Industrial and Retail Lending Product is congruent among many different spectrums which utilize our partnership programs and other direct partners.

Commercial Retail and Industrial loans have tight guidelines and criteria to start with, why not work with a proven lending partner that has the ability to bring the right funding structure to the table.

Having a lending approach outside of the normal matrix of Commercial Lending, VII. experienced partners, having performed similar project scenarios while providing partnerships that works for the long term.