Renovations & Construction

renovation and construction loansCommercial, Construction, Renovations, Remodeling, Rehab Lending and Financing Loans are what VII performs.We hold 2 separate Certifications in the Construction Industry and has done so for over 2 decades. We also understand the basic needs of companies engaging in this industry as well as the financial difficulties this industry brings. Material shortages, Labor overruns, weather delays and even disruptions……International Construction brings great challenges that we have met head on with success. We have the knowledge and expertise to understand complex industry standards, new material components, safety and material standards as well as Commercial Loan practices.

We work with multiple sectors in the Construction Industry for lending and can aid in many areas within the international and domestic markets. Whether our borrowers perform renovations, additions or just plain ground up construction, VII has a Construction loan/Corporate Loan that will suit your needs internationally or domestically.